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Mister Nielson Style


Mister Nielson is the next stage promise for electronic music from the Netherlands. This talented young mind was at the foot of the introduction of the original house music in the early 90s. 


From 2013, the public can finally enjoy his story on stage, the Mister Nielson Style.

The Mister Nielson Style’s is particular and headstrong and goes in the direction of minimal tech house. The style is a story. A story with depth that Mister Nielson 'sells' with passion and inspiration. A story from the heart, that Mister Nielson tells by mixing a sizzling combination from the different directions that house music entails.


Mister Nielson only now enters the stage, does not mean that he has just entered the house scene. On the contrary! He has seen it all: the house-introduction in the late eighties peeked his interest right away ,followed by the techno from the 90s and the crossovers of many types of electronic dance music and musical styles. Mister Nielson is a specialist of the first hour. He has many years of experience by working alongside experienced fellow DJs and now its his time to shine!

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